Signature Graphics & Printing COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan - For Details

Signature Graphics & Printing


  • The resolution of your artwork must be at least 200 DPI (dots per inch).
  • The higher the resolution of your artwork, the clearer your image will be when it’s printed.

Low-Resolution Images Can Include:

  • Web images
  • Photos taken on your smartphone
  • Screenshots
  • And more…

High-Resolution Images Can Include:

  • Purchased stock photos
  • Unedited, raw digital images

DPI Resolution Examples

300 dpi

72 dpi

10 dpi


  • All fonts must be outlined, embedded or converted to curves.
  • Font selection varies from computer to computer.
  • When a font is missing, the computer replaces it with a generic font (see example below).

Original font looks like this on your sceen:

But it could look like this on ours:

Preserve the shape of your text by outlining, embedding or converting to curves


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